Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Supplement (anche ANES) è una serie di pubblicazioni edita dall'Università di Melbourne.

I volumi sono stampati dalla Peeters Publishers (Lovanio, Belgio).

Pubblicazioni Edit

1 (1964) Edit

  • L.A. Mayer, Bibliography of the Samaritans.

2 (1990) Edit

  • G. Bunnens, Tell Ahmar, 1988 Season.

4 (1995) Edit

  • T. Muraoka, Studies in Ancient Hebrew Semantics.

5 (1996) Edit

  • G. Bunnens, Cultural Interaction in the Ancient Near East. Papers Read at a Symposium Held at the University of Melbourne, Department of Classics and Archaeology (29-30 September 1994).

6 (1998) Edit

  • T. Muraoka, Semantics of Ancient Hebrew.

7 (2000) Edit

  • G. Bunnens, Essays on Syria in the Iron Age.

8 (2001) Edit

  • M.R. Adamthwaite, Late Hittite Emar. The Chronology, Synchronisms, and Socio-Political Aspects of a Late Bronze Age Fortress Town.

10 (2003) Edit

  • C. Sagona, Punic Antiquities of Malta and Other Ancient Artefacts Held in Ecclesiastic and Private Collections.

11 (2003) Edit

  • L. Hopkins, Archaeology at the North-East Anatolian Frontier, VI. An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Sos Höyük and Yigittasi Village.

12 (2004) Edit

  • A. Sagona, A View from the Highlands: Archaeological Studies in Honour of Charles Burney.

13 (2004) Edit

  • M. McConchie, Archaeology at the North-East Anatolian Frontier, V. Iron Technology and Iron-making Communities of the First Millennium BC.

14 (2004) Edit

  • A. Sagona, C. Sagona, Archaeology at the North-East Anatolian Frontier, I. An Historical Geography and a Field Survey of the Bayburt Province.

15 (2004) Edit

  • A. Cilingiroglu, Z. Derin, E. Abay, H. Saglamtimur, I. Kayan, Ulucak Höyük. Excavations Conducted between 1995 and 2002.

16 (2005) Edit

  • M. Payne, Urartian Measures of Volume.

17 (2005) Edit

  • P.W.T. Stoop-van Paridon, The Song of Songs. A Philological Analysis of the Hebrew Book.

18 (2006) Edit

  • C. Sagona, I. Vella Gregory, A. Bugeja, Punic Antiquities of Malta and Other Ancient Artefacts Held in Private Collections, 2.

19 (2008) Edit

  • A. Sagona, M. Abramishvili, Archaeology in Southern Caucasus: Perspectives from Georgia.

20 (2007) Edit

  • A. Cilingiroglu, A. Sagona, Anatolian Iron Ages 6. The Proceedings of the Sixth Anatolian Iron Ages Colloquium Held at Eskisehir, 16-20 August 2004.

21 (2007) Edit

  • J. Azize, N. Weeks, Gilgamesh and the World of Assyria. Proceedings of the Conference Held at the Mandelbaum House, The University of Sydney, 21-23 July 2004.

22 (2007) Edit

  • G.J. Wightman, Sacred Spaces. Religious Architecture in the Ancient World.

23 (2007) Edit

  • J.K. Aitken, The Semantics of Blessing and Cursing in Ancient Hebrew.

24 (2008) Edit

  • M.L. Steiner, E.J. van der Steen, Sacred and Sweet. Studies on the Material Culture of Tell Deir 'Alla and Tell Abu Sarbut.

25 (2007) Edit

  • V.N. Yagodin, A.V.G. Betts, S. Blau, Ancient Nomads of the Aralo-Caspian Region. The Duana Archaeological Complex. University of Sydney Central Asian Programme.

26 (2007) Edit

  • K. McGeough, Exchange Relationships at Ugarit.

27 (2008) Edit

  • K.S. Rubinson, A. Sagona, Ceramics in Transitions. Chalcolithic Through Iron Age in the Highlands of the Southern Caucasus and Anatolia.

28 (2008) Edit

C. Sagona, Beyond the Homeland: Markers in Phoenician Chronology.

29 (2009) Edit

  • P. Bienkowski, Studies on Iron Age Moab and Neighbouring Areas in Honour of Michèle Daviau.

30 (2010) Edit

  • R.J. Kuty, Studies in the Syntax of Targum Jonathan to Samuel.

31 (2010) Edit

  • S. Redford, N. Ergin, Perceptions of the Past in the Turkish Republic: Classical and Byzantine Periods.

32 (2010) Edit

  • K. McGeough, M.S. Smith, Ugaritic Economic Tablets. Text, Translation and Notes.

33 (2010) Edit

  • J.E. Hartley, The Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Colour Lexemes.

34 (2010) Edit

  • S.E. Connor, A Promethean Legacy: Late Quarternary Vegetation History of Southern Georgia, the Caucasus.

35 (2010) Edit

  • A. Jamieson, Tell Ahmar: Neo-Assyrian Pottery from Area C.

36 (2010) Edit

  • C. Sagona, Ceramics of the Phoenician-Punic World. Collected Essays.

37 (2010) Edit

  • N. Ergin, Bathing Cultures of Anatolian Civilizations: Architecture, History, and Imagination.

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