Iraq è una serie di pubblicazioni edita dalla British Institute for the Study of Iraq (Oxford).

Pubblicazioni Edit

12 (1950) Edit

  • E.S.G. Robinson, A «Silversmith's Hoard» from Mesopotamia, pp. 44-51.

60 (1998) Edit

67,1 (2005) Edit

Nineveh Papers of the XLIXe Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, London 7-11 July 2003, Part Two

  • G. Frame, A. George, The Royal Libraries of Nineveh: New evidence for their formation
  • S.J. Simpson, Christians at Nineveh
  • D. Pickworth, Excavations at Nineveh: The Halzi Gate
  • J. Ur, Senacherib's Northern Assyrian Canals: New insights from satellite imagery and aerial photography
  • Julian Reade, The Ishtar Temple at Nineveh, pp. 347-390.
  • P. Charvat, The backs of some sealings from Nineveh
  • U. Sievertsen, Frühe Pfeiler-Nischen-Architektur aus Tepe Gawra und Telul eth-Thalathat
  • B.A. Levine, Assyrian ideology and Israelite monotheism

Collegamenti esterni Edit

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