Israel Antiquities Authority Reports (anche IAAR) è una serie di pubblicazioni edita dall'Autorità Israeliana delle Antichità (Gerusalemme).

Pubblicazioni Edit

1 (1996) Edit

G. Avni, Z. Greenhut, The Akeldama Tombs: Three Burial Caves in the Kidron Valley.

2 (1997) Edit

E. Braun, Yiftah'el. Salvage and Rescue Excavations at a Prehistoric Village in Lower Galilee, Israel.

3 (1998) Edit

G. Edelstein, I. Milevski, S. Aurant, Villages, Terraces and Stone Mounds: Excavations at Manahat, Jerusalem, 1987–1989.

4 (1998) Edit

C. Epstein, The Chalcolithic Culture of the Golan.

5 (1998) Edit

T. Schick and Others, The Cave of the Warrior: A Fourth Millennium Burial in the Judean Desert.

6 (1999) Edit

R. Cohen, Ancient Settlement of the Central Negev. The Chalcolithic Period, the Early Bronze Age and the Middle Bronze Age I.

7 (1999) Edit

R. Hachlili, A. Killebrew, Jericho. The Jewish Cemetery of the Second Temple Period.

8 (2000) Edit

Z. Gal, Y. Alexandre, Horbat Rosh Zayit. An Iron Age Storage Fort and Village.

9 (2000) Edit

U. Dahari, Monastic Settlements in South Sinai in the Byzantine Period. The Archaeological Remains.

10 (2000) Edit

Z.Yeivin, The Synagogue at Korazim. The 1962–1964, 1980–1987 Excavations.

11 (2001) Edit

M. Hartal, The Al-Subayba (Nimrod) Fortress. Towers 11 and 9.

12 (2001) Edit

R. Gonen, Excavations at Efrata. A Burial Ground from the Intermediate Bronze and Middle Bronze Ages.

13 (2001) Edit

E. Eisenberg, A. Gopher, R. Greenberg, Tel Te'o. A Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age Site in the Hula Valley.

14 (2001) Edit

R. Frankel, N. Getzov, M. Aviam, Settlement Dynamics and Regional Diversity in Ancient Upper Galilee. Archaeological Survey of Upper Galilee.

15 (2002) Edit

Michal Dayagi-Mendels, The Akhziv Cemeteries. The Ben-Dor Excavations, 1941–1944.

16 (2002) Edit

Y. Goren, P. Fabian, Kissufim Road. A Chalcolithic Mortuary Site.

17 (2003) Edit

A. Kloner, Maresha Excavations Final Report I. Subterranean Complexes 21, 44, 70.

18 (2003) Edit

A. Golani, Salvage Excavations at the Early Bronze Age Site of Qiryat Ata.

19 (2003) Edit

H. Khalaily, O. Marder, The Neolithic Site of Abu Ghosh. The 1995 Excavations.

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