Levant. Journal of the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem è una serie di pubblicazioni edita dal Council for British Research in the Levant di Londra.

Pubblicazioni Edit

6 (1974) Edit

7 (1975) Edit

  • Obituary of Mr. Harris Dunscombe Colt (1901-1973)
  • C.M. Bennet, Excavations at Buseirah, Southern Jordan, 1973
  • S.W. Helms, Jawa 1973: a preliminary report
  • A.G. Walls, The Mausleum of the Amri Kīlānī, Jerusalem
  • V. Wilson, The Iconography of Bes in Cyprus and the Levant
  • E. Stern, A Group of Cypriot Limestone Sculptures from the Gaza Region
  • P.R.S. Moorey, Iranian Troops at Deve Hüyük in Syria in the Fifth Century B.C.
  • J. Wilkinson, The Streets of Jerusalem

Archaeological Notes:

  • D.H. Caldwell, A Large Gable Seal in the Royal Scottish Museum, Edimburgh
  • M.W. Several, An Early Bronze Age Basalt Bowl in the Skirball Museum
  • R.S. Merillees, Cypriote Black Slip Flasks
  • William Culican, Sidonian Bottles, pp. 145-150.
  • E.H. Kaplan, B. Kaplan, The Diversity of Late Byzantine Lamps at Apollonia (Arsuf)

36 (2004) Edit

  • P.M.M.G. Akkermans, K. Duistermaat, More Seals and Sealings from Neolithic Tell Sabi Ayyad, Syria, pp. 1-12.
  • E. Braun, More Evidence for Early Bronze Age Glyptics from the Southern Levant, pp. 13-30.
  • J. Clarke, et al., Gaza Research Project: 1998 Survey of the Old City of Gaza, pp. 31-36.
  • L Steel, et al., Gaza Research Project. Report on the 1999 and 2000 Seasons at al-Moghraqa, pp. 37-88.
  • C. Doumet-Serhal, Sidon (Lebanon): Twenty Middle Bronze Age Burials from the 2001 Season of Excavations, pp. 89-154.
  • J.H. Taylor, Scarabs from the Bronze Age Tombs at Sidon (Lebanon), pp. 155-158.
  • A. Ogden, H. Schutkowski, Human Remains from Middle bronze Age Burials at Sidon, Lebanon: the 2001 Season, pp. 159-166.
  • E. Vila, Survey of the remains of Mammals Recovered in the Middle Bronze Age Burials at Sidon (Lebanon) in 2001, pp. 167-180.
  • I. Finkelstein, Tel Rehov and Iron Age Chronology, pp. 181-188.
  • N. Franklin, Samaria: from the Bedrock to the Omride Palace, pp. 189-202.
  • S. Gitin, A. Golani, A Silver-Based Monetary Economy in the Seventh Century BCE: a Response to Raz Kletter, pp. 203-206.
  • R. Kletter, Coinage before Coins? A Response, pp. 207-210.
  • R. Reich, E. Shukron, the History of the Giḥon Spring in Jerusalem, pp. 211-224.
  • D. Genequand, Al-Bakhraʾ (Avatha), from the Tetrarchic Fort to the Umayyad Castle, pp. 225-242.
  • P.D. Mitchell, The Palaeopathology of Skulls Recovered from a Medieval Cave Cemetery near Safed, Israel (Thirteenth to Seventeenth Century), pp. 243-250.
  • M. Hawari, Bait ʿUr al-Fauqa: a Medieval and Ottoman Village on the Ancient Road between Jerusalem and the Coastal Plain, pp. 251-270.
  • Book Notes, pp. 271-282.
  • Notes for Contributors, pp. 283-284.
  • List of Abbreviations, p. 285.

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