Rome «La Sapienza» Studies on the Archaeology of Palestine & Transjordan (anche ROSAPAT) è una serie di pubblicazioni edita dalla Sapienza Università di Roma.

Pubblicazioni Edit

1 (2005) Edit

  • Lorenzo Nigro, Tell es-Sultan/Gerico alle soglie della prima urbanizzazione: il villaggio e la necropoli del Bronzo Antico I (3300-3000), Roma 2005.

2 (2006) Edit

  • Lorenzo Nigro, H. Taha (eds.), Tell es-Sultan/Jericho in the Context of the Jordan Valley: Site Management, Conservation and Sustainable Development, Roma 2006.

3 (2006) Edit

  • L. Nigro (ed.), Khirbet al-Batrawy. An Early Bronze Age Fortified Town in North-Central Jordan. Preliminary Report of the First Season of Excavations (2005), Roma 2006.

4 (2007) Edit

  • L. Nigro (ed.), Byblos and Jericho in the Early Bronze I. Social dynamics and cultural interactions, Roma 2007.

6 (2008) Edit

  • L. Nigro, Khirbet al-Batrawy II. The EB II city-gate, the EB II-III fortifications, the EB II-III temple. Preliminary Report of the Second (2006) and Third (2007) Seasons of Excavations, Roma 2008.

Categoria:Periodici e collane

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