Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament (anche SJOT) è una serie di pubblicazioni.

Pubblicazioni Edit

2 (1991) Edit

D. Edelman (ed.), Toward a Consensus on the Emergence of Israel in Canaan.

  • D. Edelman, Introduction, pp. 3-6.
  • N.P. Lemche, Sociology, Text and Religion as Key Factors in Understanding the Emergence of Israel in Canaan, pp. 7-18.
  • G. W. Ahlstrom, The Origin of Israel in Palestine, pp. 19-34.
  • R. B. Coote, Early Israel, pp. 35-46.
  • I. Finkelstein, The Emergence of Israel in Canaan: Consensus, Mainstream and Dispute, pp. 47-59.
  • K.W. Whitelam, Between History and Literature: The Social Production of Israel's Traditions of Origin, pp. 60-74.
  • K.W. Schaar, An Architectural Theory for the Origin of the Four-Room House, pp. 75-98.
  • Douglas Esse, The Collared Store Jar: Scholarly Ideology and Ceramic Typology, pp. 99-116.
  • E. Otto, Techniken der Rechtssatzredaktion israelitischer RechtsbUcher in der Redaktion de Prophetenbuches Micha, 119-150.

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